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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Goals

We're nearly a month into spring, and I'm just getting around to my spring goals. With that in mind, a few of my goals will be ones I have already accomplished. :-)

Spring Goals

  1. <s>Enjoy trip to the beautiful land of Spain <s/> An added benefit of this trip was that is broke me of my major time wasting addictions: Facebook and blog reading. Now that my schedule has been redefined, I'll theoretically be more productive. :0)

  2. <s>Start flower seeds. </s> My marigolds are growing like the weeds that they are (did you know that they are weeds in Eastern Europe?) but the poppies I started before we left for Spain seem to have bitten the dust. The black eyed susans have once again failed to sprout, I am not sure what is up with that. I've also started wave petunias, so we will see if I'll be able to get away with not buying them this year. The only thing left to start are the johnny jump ups, which I'll start in about a week.

  3. Finish A Tale Of Two Cities. Talk about masterful literature. I can get through a novel in two to four hour when I want to, but I am savoring each page of this classic. It is absolutely beautifully written.

  4. Start another classic.

  5. Paint and recover chair for the guest room. (Now that it is once again unoccupied)

  6. Open Etsy shop for my photography. This also entails editing all the pictures from Spain and choosing some to put in the shop.

  7. Start a new sewing project - a dress, a shirt, an apron or a skirt. Basically whatever strikes my fancy.

  8. Plan my birthday bash for my "Golden Birthday!"

  9. Post about projects I would like to do, to organize all my links and project ideas. Divide into sewing projects, house projects, gift ideas, etc.

  10. Be a better wife to my Lover.

Here were my 10 goals for March:

  1. <s>Have fun with family, especially those coming in from out of town.</s>

  2. <s>Finish the coat rack.</s> I suppose I should show you, right? It came out great.

  3. Revamp chair for guest room.

  4. <s>Play chess. </s> I played twice. I really want to learn this game... I'm trying

  5. Make a new recipe. Fail. Maybe this spring :-) If we are ever home.

  6. <s>Start flower seeds </s>, plant bulbs if weather cooperates. Bulbs will be planted at the end of April.

  7. Blog every week day. Nope. Not even close. But I am okay with that.

  8. <s>Take lots of pretty pictures. </s> I'm currently swamped with pictures, which is a good problem.

  9. <s>Prepare for trip to Spain (in April).</s> And we survived the trip!

  10. Tell my husband every day why I respect and admire him. I really tried - I will have to ask Lover how I did with this one.

I'm giving myself a 65% on this latest set of goals. I am looking forward to spring!


Kim@NewlyWoodwards April 21, 2010 at 4:54 PM  

I think black eyed peas are tough to start. I bought small native transplants last year.

I did not know that marigolds were weeds anywhere. I love those babies.

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