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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Real Bedroom

I don't often come across bedrooms that appeal to my sense of style. A lot of professionally (or otherwise) decorated bedrooms seem too done up, or simply unrealistic. For me, a bedroom is glamorous, romantic and relaxing. It's where I am headed with our bedroom, although I'm still working on it for our room.

I found this image on House Beautiful's gallery, and it spoke to me.

Although I prefer darker, richer colors in our bedroom, this one is beautiful. I love the neutral bedding, it is so relaxing. The walls are awesome, and that barely there sage color on the bed and bench is gorgeous. The light in this room is amazing, which is probably one of the most influencing factors, for me. I crave light. In my soul. No, I really do.

I think the two elements of this room I like the best, however, are the ceiling fan and the sneakers. You may hate the look of ceiling fans (I know I often do) but to me it says that the people who live in this room are real. They get hot, and need a fan. I know we do! And even though those sneakers are part of the "styling" of the room, I love the little reminder that this is a room to kick off your shoes and relax. As a bedroom should be.

What's a bedroom image that inspires you?


Janean November 7, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

this one is great....and let me say you have the BEAUTIFUL, sweet smile!!!!!!!!!!

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