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Monday, July 12, 2010

Clean House, er, Garage

On my sidebar there on the right, you'll see that I keep a running tally of things that are currently on my project radar. Of course, these are only a sampling of my mega to do list, but I have fun trying to check them all off. My most recent cross off was the long overdue garage cleaning and straightening.

Not exactly a fun task, but one that was long overdue. As you'll be able to see by the pictures below, the garage was a chaotic mess that has never really been dealt with. The previous owners left a bunch of stuff in the garage when we bought the house, and we were pretty excited about some of it. they left lawn tools and a lawnmower, which was a godsend for two broke first time homeowners like us.  Unfortunately, they also left a bunch of random junk, plastic plant trays, firewood and other garbage. And then, as we settled in and began renovations, cleaning the garage never even showed up on the radar. :-)

Someday, I'd like to thoroughly clean and sort out the garage, paint over the orange paint and install some more organizational items. But for now, a major toss of all garbage, straightening of equipment and a thorough sweeping will have to do! Here are all the fun before and afters:

The plan is to use up that wood throughout the summer and fall in our little chimenea, and then evaluate what else needs to be edited and cleaned up. So, for now, it's not perfect or particularly pretty to look at, but it is neat and clean!


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