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Thursday, March 18, 2010


I don't have a lot to talk about today. I am having fun living life, snuggling my little nephew and catching up with my sister. (In-law, but I've never had a sister, and she is what I imagine my sister would have been like, had I had one.) They live all the way in California, and I really miss them.

My sister's sister is staying with us too, along with her two precious kids. It has been a blast watching them all play and interact. I can't believe how much energy little munchkins have. And how innocent they are. They are so well behaved, at a stranger's house.

Lover brought me flowers, and surprised me with a diamond necklace this week. Just because. I love that he is so sweet and thoughtful that way. He doesn't like to give gifts when they are expected. He prefers to give them when there's no expectation, because, really, isn't it much more meaningful that way?

So anyways, not a lot of progress on the house. Not a lot of time to blog. But that means that we are having fun in our life, and that is what is most important. :-)

Signing off now, nephew needs more snugglin' :-)


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