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Monday, March 1, 2010

March Goals

Here were my 10 goals for February:

  1. Recover lampshades - SUCCESS! Read about their somewhat complicated makeover.

  2. Read two classics - FAIL! Maybe next month

  3. Love my husband more each day, and tell him so! - SUCCESS! I really love that guy. :-)

  4. Make a fun Valentine’s craft- FAIL! I made some stuff for winter instead, which I like better. I'll show you soon.

  5. Blog every weekday -Looks like I missed 2 out of 20 days, so about 90%.

  6. Not complain about winter - Hmm. I think I did okay on this one. I really tried.

  7. Take some fun pictures - SUCCESS. I took a bunch of pictures of the house this month, and some fun ones in NYC.

  8. Continue working on the basement, and live to tell about it - SUCCESS. I showed you the befores and the progress on our laundry room.

  9. Draw something - FAIL. I thought about it several times. Does that count? :-)

  10. Entertain once or twice - SUCCESS. I think we only entertained once, but we had ten people over for dinner, so I think that counts. :)

We did end up going to NYC, but our month long trip only lasted 6 days. Huge disappointment! I did go to Anthropologie though, and I did some shopping. I didn't make it to any museums. :-(

Here are my 10 goals for March:

  1. Have fun with family, especially those coming in from out of town.

  2. Finish the coat rack.

  3. Revamp chair for guest room.

  4. Play chess.

  5. Make a new recipe.

  6. Start flower seeds, plant bulbs if weather cooperates.

  7. Blog every week day.

  8. Take lots of pretty pictures.

  9. Prepare for trip to Spain (in April).

  10. Tell my husband every day why I respect and admire him.


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