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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Need a husband?

So I read this article recently that talked about the "serious shortage of elegible young women in China." The article talked about the fact that Chinese men are reaching their mid-twenties and discovering that there is a real lack of pretty gals out there to marry up. It's causing quite the commotion, as, well, young men typically like to have young ladies around to pursue and ultimately marry. ;-)

The article said that a whopping 28 million men in China were destined to remain single, because of this shortage. The article also said that the reason for the shortage was "complicated."

Um, no. Not complicated. Everyone, and I do mean everyone saw this coming once China enforced its "one-child policy" and everyone started choosing boys to be their one child. They earn more, they can care for the parents, they carry on the family name... etc. I mean, how many beautiful Chinese girls have been adopted over the last few decades because their families didn't want them?

I guess I just have to say that I am not surprised. I am curious what the country will do to solve this crisis. When I mentioned the article to Lover, he said, "you know what that means, right?" War. It's a historical pattern. When there aren't any females around, the males go and find some (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, anyone? Helen of Troy?) Let me just tell you that I am glad I am married! To all you single girls out there - be careful! ;-)


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