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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stephanie's Bedroom Suggestions

Stephanie asked me for some quick design suggestions for her master bedroom. I took a few minutes last week to come up with some simple ideas for bringing in a fresh new look to her room.

Stephanie's master bedroom has medium colored hardwood floors, dark espresso furniture, three windows in the room and Benjamin Moore's Dunmore Cream on the walls.

I came up with three simple options for her, each showing a comforter, some curtains and a rug, along with the color swatch of Dunmore Cream to show how each option would work with the room color.

Option 1 would be easy to implement, and would be light and breezy. I would bring in a few woven elements and some sparkly glass bowls and candlesticks to finish it off.

Option 1: Blues and Grays

Option 2 is much more saturated and dramatic. Because of the windows and light wall color, you can definitely pull off the darker rug and duvet. If you like deep colors, do the red curtains, otherwise do the linen colored curtains. Throw a few cinnamon and orange pillows on the bed to bring some color to that side of the room.

Option 2: Warm Reds and Browns
Warm Tones Curtains (in linen)

Option 3 is a classic, timeless style, with a monogrammed duvet and a fun rug. The curtains are white Vivan panels from Ikea, but you could do any simple white panel. Keep the accessories simple and elegant.

Option 3: Classic Neutrals


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