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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tutorial by Request

CheL asked about my method for displaying and storing my earrings. You can see the frame we made in this post about my glitzy glasses, it is the last picture. Lover and I made this little frame back when we were dating. I think it took us about an hour or two to complete. It's very simple, and it is such a great way to show off all of your lovely jewels.

This is by no means my own original idea, I initially got the idea from a jewelry stand at a craft show, and have seen many variations of this since.

I have seen a lot of variations that start with using a wooden picture frame in the size that you would like. We just bought moulding and mitered the corners and then nailed them together to form the frame. We only had a miter box at the time, so the cuts are not the greatest. Then we took a piece of window screen, cut to size and stapled that onto the back of the frame. We nailed some thin strips of wood over the screen on the back to stabilize the screen and push the frame away from the wall a bit, so that the earring hooks wouldn't run into the wall. The next step was to sponge gold paint onto the frame, and a little onto the screen for some sparkle. We sponged a little black paint over the gold to add depth and drama. Voila! In an afternoon I had a stylish way of displaying my many earrings.

Note: These are only a fraction of the earrings I own. I am in the process of switching all of my hooks over to sterling silver and 14K gold as my ears are...picky about the jewels I hang from them.

For a great tutorial on how to make your own, check out this link for instructables.com You can also add little hooks screwed into the frame to display your necklaces, if you do not have a lovely set of glasses like I do. ;-)


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