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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning screenshots, and other news

Today I took two minutes to organize my Google Reader. Google Reader is great, by the way, I love that it remembers all the blogs I want to follow, thus freeing up my mind for other things like, I dunno, remembering the coffee to water ratio for making coffee for guests. :0)
Below is a screenshot of what my reader used to look like; blog after blog after blog, and each day some would be bold and others wouldn't. (Note: this would drive my organization loving self batty) Now I do go through and unsubscribe from blogs I no longer read pretty regularly, but my problem now was the disparity in blogging frequency of the blogs I read. 

So, I took a couple minutes to think about what folders I would like to divide my blogs into. I came up with Favorite Blogs (the ones I always save to read until last anyways), Daily Blogs, and Infrequent Posters. That way I can see at a glance if one of my favorite blogs has a new post (hello Jen M and findingJen!) or I can see if one of the blogs I enjoy reading, but rarely has new content, has been updated. The third folder, Daily Blogs, are the ones I find myself reading every day.  Now my reader looks like this:
Much, much better. A quick fix and a more relaxed and organized me. :0)


Jen M March 11, 2009 at 12:19 PM  

I love Google reader too (and "hi" back at ya!)

Did you know you can select the option of only having updated items show? Then they disappear once they are read. Just click on the little down arrow / triangle next to the word "Subscriptions". I love this feature as it keeps things extra neat!

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