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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fav: Sunshine

Well, it seems that my Friday Favs are showing you all about me. I love sunshine. Interestingly enough, for having spent over half my life in the often sun-less town of Rochester, I adore the sunshine. I think partly because I equate sunshine with God's presence. When the sun's rays hit my face, I think "Oh, God is smiling down on me right now." Which he could also be doing when it's cloudy, but I don't think it then. 

In other news, we've had a rough couple of weeks. Our washer overflowed all over our basement so our house priority list went from this:
  • Finish rooms we've started on
  • Paint Kitchen
  • Work on outside curb appeal and yard
  • Refinish living room and dining room floors
  • Work on remodeling basement



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