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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Culoare Zi!

We had our first official event at our house last weekend. A while back, I think before we had bought our house, we decided to host a yearly color themed party, just for kicks and giggles. So, now that we have a place to hold the party, we decided to go ahead with the plan. We chose blue for this year as the color blue is not really associated with any holiday, and therefore it would be easier to convince people that it would be fun, and also that it was an independent event.

We decided to go with the idea of celebrating an "ancient cultural holiday" that commemorated the advent of color in the world, with color first coming into the world in 1234 B.C. We talked about how the world only existed in black and white previous to that day, and so the grateful ancestors named the first day of color "Culoare Zi" (which is simply two Romanian words, "color" and "day") We thought it was funny, but crazy enough that everyone would know we were kidding. He he. Not so much. We had to do a lot of explaining, but most people though it was funny.

The only thing we required of our guests was to wear something blue! (By the way, if you don't get an invite to the yellow party next year, it's almost for sure because you refused to wear blue. Or it may just be because we don't like you anymore.) We planned out a fantastic menu, with foods either containing something blue (Blue Cheese Cheesecake), or having the word blue in the name (Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu) We played blues in the background, and decorated with blue candles, flowers and balloons. It was blue-ti-ful!

Overall, in spite of the heat, the party was a smashing success. I put together a montage of the party pics for your viewing pleasure. Here's to a wonderful yellow party for Culoare Zi '09!


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