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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fav: Brian Regan

This week for Friday Fav I am promoting yet another comedian, that Lover and I just can't get enough of, Brian Regan. This guy is the master of funny, and his one liners have become a part of our daily speech, the way you quote Friends or your favorite movie. :-)

We've watched just about everything of his that we can get our hands on, but our favorite has got to be the "I Walked on the Moon/Me Monster" bit. He talks about that annoying person at a party that thinks it is all about them, and constantly cuts you off in order to one up you. And he fantasizes about being one of the twelve men to have walked on the moon, as the ultimate come-uppance. Here's the skit:

Take some time to browse through his videos on Youtube, the guy is seriously Funny with a capital F. :-) His DVD's make great gifts, especially if you have hard-to-buy-for brothers like I do! Here's his site: www.brianregan.com Now all that's left to do is make it to a live performance, which is definitely on our bucket list!


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