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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last year I attempted to grow a vegetable garden. It was an epic failure, due to a bad location, lack of care (by me) and the rampages of the wildlife in our area. Whenever anything would get even close to bearing fruit, little (and big!) rodents would find them and enjoy a late night snack. I'm thinking that this guy, who showed up in my yard today, (in broad daylight!) was partially responsible. :-)

This dude was FAT! When he finally decided he was scared of me, he began to waddle towards the back of the garage. You really can't call it running, or scampering, or anything remotely fast. ;-)

He came back just a few minutes later and checked out the driveway. I'm thinking he was scoping out future meals. Sorry buddy! No veggies this year! :-)
And by the way, as soft and cute as he may look in these pictures, don't be fooled. This dude was UG-LY. Long, ugly nose, fat rolls, skinny tail. :-)


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