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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday: Unfussy Gardens

My grass is getting greener by the second as this rain keeps coming down. I've also started a few seeds, but my black eyed susans have once again refused to grow (as they did last year) Looks like I'll be either buying a bunch at the nurseries, or stealing them from meadows this year. :-)

I've realized that I definitely prefer the look of unfussy, somewhat overgrown gardens to ones that are perfectly planned, pruned and mulched. With that in mind, I'm adding some new stuff to my gardens this year that should take me closer to that look. Here are a few gardens that have the style I am talking about.

from bhg.com



Oh, and someday? I am going here. How beautiful is this mountain?

This is the Temblor Range in California. Amazing, isn't it?


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