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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dining Room Rehab: Decorating the Corners

I've got family coming in from out of town, so today's post will be short and sweet. And that's the best kind anyways, right? Today, continuing with our Dining Room Rehab theme, I'm showing you two little corners that got a splash of decoration.

Here are the before pictures, with  those hideous shelves backed with the burlap sack stuff. Yeesh.

And then the during pictures, after I used all my girlpower to renovate this wall.

And here's what they look like now

Better, no?

This corner has a builtin desk that we'll eventually remove. The coat rack and a shoe bin will eventually live in this corner, so I knew that I just needed a little something. I originally bought these sconces for the living room, but they just didn't look right. They hung out in the basement waiting for inspiration to strike. The candles are from the dollar store, and I wrapped them with pale blue grosgrain ribbon and then  a thin brown bow. The ribbon is held on with hot glue. :-) Eventually, I'd like to find flameless candles for these sconces, as any candles that are burned in this room end up affecting the thermostat and the whole house gets freezing. :-)

We bought a set of ladderback chairs from a garage sale when we got married for $40. One by one, the rushing on each chair  is disintegrating, and they become unusable. Lover fixed two of them by creating a rope seat, which is actually quite comfortable, but finding the time to do each chair is another thing entirely. This chair is unusable right now, so I parked it in the corner. The basket it is holding was Lover's family's picnic basket that they used all over Europe, so it's very sentimental. I am under strict instructions to return it rather than throw it away, if that day ever comes. :-) The "blanket" over the chair is a table runner I found on clearance a while ago, and it brings the colors over to this side of the room. And the little aloe vera plant is really trying to kick the bucket, and I am encouraging it because it is ugly :-) But until then it brings a splash of green to this corner.

So there you have it. Two simple corner fixes, that bring a lot of life and color to this side of the room. Tomorrow I'll be showing you the opposite two corners, and talking about how I figured out what I didn't like about this room. Should be fun. I'll catch ya later!

Can't wait till tomorrow? Read about the previous fixes so far - lamp, art, dresser, curtains and where this room started.


Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige March 10, 2010 at 3:58 PM  

Looks great, I love the added touch the ribbon gives to the candle too!

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