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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When I said adventures in remodeling, I didn't sign up for this...

We're working on our basement (remember how it flooded a few months ago?) and the demolition is unreal. We have such a huge pile at the bottom of the stairs that I doubt we'll ever get it all out of there. This past weekend we were working on re-widening the stairs (the previous owners had brought the four foot wide stairwell down to about three feet, for some unknown reason) and we found some "treasures."

Two dirty publications and some unmarked VHS tapes. I'm not even going to guess what is on those tapes. Eww.

The best part, if you can say that, is that they were totally inaccessible unless you were doing what we were, tearing out the stairs. So,how did that line of reasoning go? "I'll get to enjoy these next time we remodel the stairs."??? Brilliant, if I do say so. My other theory? The wife found out about his secret stash and got even, placing them somewhere he'd never be able to get to them again. Can you imagine that conversation?

Husband: Wife, have you seen my, um, "reading" material?
Wife: Yes, dear, I have. They were in a terrible location though, so I moved them.
Husband: To where?
Wife: Under the builtin stairs. Thought that might be more convenient.



Emily August 25, 2009 at 12:05 PM  

Wow, that's quite the treasure you uncovered. LOL.

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