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Sunday, August 2, 2009

July 2009 Recap

July was a very busy month, with something going on every weekend, and lots of projects during the week. Lover spent three days in NJ, which allowed me to finish up some projects we've been working on. We also threw our yearly Culoare Zi party and took a week long vacation to Wisconsin. Here's how we did on our year's goals this month:
  • Go camping We went once this month, and it was a blast. Camping is so relaxing and stress-free. Wish we could go more often!
  • Go to the Renaissance Festival We went and had a great time, as seen in the post below.
  • Throw 2-3 good parties this year. Culoare Zi: The Year of Yellow was a smashing success, despite copious amounts of rain. Pictures to come soon.
  • Plant a vegetable garden. The peas were yummy, as were the blackberries. The cukes are growing quickly, we have baby peppers and little cherry tomatoes. The canteloupe are still flowering, no sign of fruit yet. Hopefully we'll get to taste the fruit of all our labor, before the bunnies and groundhogs get to them.
  • Go to Wisconsin We spent four days with Lover's grandparents in Wisconsin, and had a great time. It was nice to catch up with them, and some other friends along the way home.
  • Read 12 non-fiction books. I finished a Chance to Die in Wisconsin last week. Definitely an interesting read on the life of Amy Carmichael. Non fiction books read year to date: 3
In addition to these goals, we also:
  • Made freezer jam
  • Painted the front door
  • Refinished a dresser
  • Replaced the bushes in the front of the house
  • Saw lots of family and friends
Can't believe more than half of 2009 is over!


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