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Monday, June 1, 2009

Progress, Water and Dishes

I posted a few months ago (here) about three things that I am trying to improve.  Drinking more water, reducing the paper clutter I have everywhere, and keeping up with the dishes.  I thought long and hard about how to resolve these little challenges in my life and here is what I came up with;

  • Drinking more water. I realized that I don't like carrying a glass around the house with me, because I am afraid I will break it. So, I went to Target and found a couple of pretty little acrylic glasses for $0.74ea. Breakage fear solved, and water intake increased. :-) 
  • Keeping up with the dishes. It seemed inefficient to me to always be washing dishes, so I would wait until there was a mountain in the sink. The mountain was then so overwhelming that I couldn't bring myself to even start working on them.... yep, quite the vicious cycle. So, now I try to do dishes a couple times a day, and I have to say I have pretty much kept them at bay. My kitchen, husband and guests all thank me. :-) 
  • Reducing paper clutter. I'm saving this one for a separate post as I have come up with a few different ways to corral my clutter, and they are pretty good, if I do say so myself. :-) 


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