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Monday, June 1, 2009

May 2009 Recap

Wow, seems like May just flew by. Lover is finally home with no big travel plans scheduled, so we spent all month trying to catch up. I spent a week without a car, but then we found a cute little Pontiac Grand Am for me. It's old, but in great shape and has lots of pickup, which is a necessity for me. The best part was that all of Lover's overtime paid for the car, so we didn't have to dip into the car fund. Yay!

Other goals we've made progress on:

  • Increase emergency savings by $500 We're up to 88%!
  • Plant a vegetable garden Yesterday I planted three tomato plants and a canteloupe. I'll be planting the rest of the garden outside this week, and I am so excited to have my kitchen counters back!
  • Learn canning My sisters-in-law and I are going to try our hand at this at the end of the summer. Sara has all of the supplies, so that is great! I am also going to try to make some freezer jam while starwberries are in season.
  • Get together with family more often. We're still seeing Luke's family about once a week, and we've been seeing my brothers about that much as well.
  • Read 12 non fiction books this year Still working on my next two; A Chance to Die and 100 Christian Women who Changed the 20th Century
In addition to these goals, we've accomplished a lot around the house:
  • Painted the inside of the front door
  • Painted the entryway and hung a chandelier
  • Painted the stairway
  • Stained the moulding around the front door
  • Installed the moulding around the living room window.
  • Installed the baseboards in the guest room
  • Planted hanging baskets of petunias
  • Gotten quotes for power washing the house
  • Installed a window in the workshop
  • Started working on the back "mudroom"
So, I think May was pretty productive!


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