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Friday, June 12, 2009

June Blooms

Here is a look at my garden this month. We'll start out with a few annuals I have planted. I wanted to try out petunias this year, and I chose a few white ones for the deck,

Purple petunias for the hanging baskets off the deck and the front porch, and yellow marigolds for the driveway. There isn't a picture of the marigolds yet, as I have raised them from seed and they haven't bloomed yet. But, they are getting bigger every day. :-)

Next up are the flowers that grow wild in the yard. My guess is God planted them for me, just to make me smile.

I love daisies, and these grow wild in one of the planters. The whole bed is filled with them, and I love them.

Then there are these yellow buttercup-y ones, only they are bigger than buttercups.

This purple one is so pretty,

These have got to be one of my favorite flowers. They are just so pretty, and they pop up in the most random of places. Some people call them Johnny Jump Ups, I think. I want to get a bunch more of these so they're everywhere next year.

Next up are the flowers that were already planted by the previous owners. Last year most of these were really scraggly, but a little TLC last summer meant that they came up profusely this year. Except for this allium. I think it is hideous, but even though I dug it out last year, it came back again. Solo. Just one, weird looking flower.

The blackberry bushes were overrun by ivy last year, and were too strangled and shaded to produce much fruit. This year we have lots of canes, and tons of flowers like these, getting ready to produce yummy fruit.

This little guy is a miracle. He is in the same bed as the peony below, and last year I almost stepped on him he was so small. This little rose bush was probably only a foot tall last year, completely overgrown by weeds, and only had four little stems sticking out. We cleared all the weeds out, and Lover chopped it down to the ground. Apparently it took to the pruning, as this year it is almost four feet tall and wide, and covered with little flowers like this one. Anyone know what kind of rose this might be?

The other rosebush, up by the driveway, is blooming prolifically. If it follows true to form, it will bloom all summer, which I am looking forward to. The flowers are so big they bow the stems sometimes. :-)

When we moved in there was an entire bed of these irises. They were so overgrown that it was just yucky, and they were all packed in. I pulled them all out and replanted a select few in some of the other beds, and they are much more beautiful now that we have some room to admire their loveliness.

But the star of the month has got to be the Peony. These beautiful flowers are simply stunning, and I get so excited when they finally open. The flowers are huge, and they are just lush and creamy and beautiful We'll be dividing this plant at the end of the summer, so hopefully we'll get even more blooms next year.

Gorgeous, isn't it? I'll leave you with one more photo of the peonies.

Ok, I lied. Just one more. Really. Have a great day!


jen June 15, 2009 at 1:56 PM  

love, love, love the peonies! my mom has a whole row of them along one side of her yard (where I grew up). I think they are just so gorgeous!!

Misi September 10, 2009 at 10:39 AM  

I love the peonies!!! Love Iris!! and the mini-pensamientos some people here call them violas...Beautifull garden...

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