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Friday, May 29, 2009

Thrifty Finds

Been busy lately planning a baby shower and a going away party, as well as taking a few days off with my lover. It hasn't left much time for blogging, but now I've got a whole bunch of content for blog posts.

I've been hitting up the thrift stores in our area looking specifically for onesies for the baby shower, but also because I love thrift store shopping! Here are my finds this week:

I found this great candleholder that is tall enough to be interesting on our mantel. It's a little over a foot tall, and the capiz leaves and bronze stems are subtly reminiscent of the metalwork we have over the couch. When I lit a candle in it last night I loved the pattern it threw on the wall, and the way each little leaf glows. Best part... $3.99!

This little milk glass dish is destined for my office/craft room. I can't start renovating this room yet, so I am focusing on finding the accessories and furniture necessary for this room. It helps me bide my time till we're ready to start on that room, and it means that it will all come together that much sooner because I'll (hopefully) already have most of the stuff. I'm thinking the dish can hold paper clips, notes, beads, or change... :-) 

My other finds were a steering wheel cover (with Pooh Bear on it!) for $1.99, another addition to my creamware obsession, this little skinny vase, a martini glass for a secret project I am working on, and a fun red and yellow bangle bracelet.

All told I spent about ten dollars, which means that not only did I find some great stuff, I did it with thrifty and frugal flair!


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