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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My hair went to the chopping block today. Well, PART of my hair. I've been growing my hair back out since last May, or really since November of 2006, when I donated 14 inches to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. (side note, that was really hard, but Very Fulfilling) 

Anyways, back on subject. I didn't want to get my hair cut, but my bangs were out of control. I usually trim them once or twice between haircuts, but apparently I hadn't done that in a while, as my "bangs" were down past my lips. 

You're probably wondering, why not just grow them out then? Well, because I have like FIVE inches of forehead. And it looks weird. I blame it on my Enormous Brain. :-) 

Focus. Ok, so here's what my new 'do' looks like. I finally got the thick bang look I've been going for... for like a year. :o) 

Oh, and while we on the topic, (which we weren't) we're loving the new show Fringe. So many questions and mysteries, it reminds me of Lost. Oh wait, it's made by the same people! duh Oh, and Walter is hilarious. :o)


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