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Friday, July 11, 2008

Safe and secure

When we toured our house during the open house (before it was our house) we noticed that the front door didn't close well.

When we bought our house in February we noticed that the front door would open on its own. (Scary)

So, we bought a new lock for the door. As it turns out, that didn't work. Old style door did not mesh with new style lock. So, we put a chain on the door and called it a day. Obviously, this did not feel all that secure. But, we were hesitant to buy a new door as we didn't want to replace one of the few original things left in the house. But, then we met our neighbor's son, who is a wealth of knowledge, and he told us that our current door was not, in fact, the original door. So we happily began the search for a new door. Front doors are expensive!!! :-)

We finally found a new, beautiful door for a price that wouldn't kill us. We ordered a new lock, and spent Father's Day weekend installing our new door.

Turns out our castle's walls are much thicker than your average house's, and we actually had to build another frame onto the exisiting door frame to make it fit out to the front of the house. I love our house! It still needs some paint and finishing details, but all in all we think it looks pretty sweet. Don't you agree?


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