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Sunday, July 20, 2008


We get horrible, huge, hairy centidpedes in our new house. Blech. Some of them have literally been as long as my fingers. Very, very disgusting. Whenever I see them I go all cold and get a chill, and I am incapable of taking any action against the darn bug. Here's a picture, you'll see why I hate them. (I kept it small so you wouldn't be too grossed out.)

I did some research on how to keep centidpedes out of the house, and found out that basically you can't. However, we had bought some liquid food ant traps to keep the ants out of our kitchen and guess what? The centidpedes like the food too, and it kills them too! Awesome, so although I have to clean up centidpede corpses every few days, I am not as afraid of the dead ones as I am the alive ones. Here's to Liquid Ant Killer!


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