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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


If you've ever read The Chronicles of Narnia, you know that Mr. Tumnus says to Lucy, "Well Lucy, from the land of Spa'Oom (spare room), let's go have tea, shall we?" Back at our little apartment, we affectionately dubbed the half bedroom "spa'oom" and it stuck. Now, in our new house, our guest bedroom has appropriated the same title, seemingly of its own volition. We keep trying to refer to it as the "guest bedroom", but it's just not working. Anyways, here's a picture of the Spa'Ooom in its original "glory". Keep in mind that this is the former owner's decorative taste, not ours. :-)

The first thing we did was remove the grass green carpet, and right after that went the black wallpaper. It came off fairly easily, but the paste was still quite goopy. Although I am not a fan of white walls, it was such an improvement over the black paper!Although the bunkbeds were beautiful, we finally decided they had to go in order to make the room more comfortable and welcoming to guests. So here's Luke destroying the bunkbeds. There wasn't any way to salvage them as they were literally bolted into the wall. Ah well, at least the destruction was fun!

We're going with, ironically, a black and white theme for this room and I'll update once we have some pics of the room with new paint and decorations. The good part is we'll be able to re-use the black blinds that the previous owners left us! Yay!


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